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The Cryptozoo



Since the dawn of man tales have been told of extraordinary
human-like beasts and creastures among us. Researchers
known as Cryptozoologists handle the task of trying to prove that such creatures exist in nature, even though thier exisitence has not been accepted by the sientific world.
Creatures like the Sasquatch, Yeti, Loch ness Monster, and the Mothman are just a few of the many legends to be proven. Verifying sightings of such creatures is a huge task to undertake. It is not so Impossible to Believe in these legendary creatures when archaelogists have uncovered fossils which lead to the discovery of "hobbit" like huminoids. There are many unexplained mysteries in our world and man is continually unravelling these mysteries.


-The Sasquatch (Big Foot)
-The Mothman
-The Loch Ness Monster

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