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The Sasquatch




(The Following are Real Eyewitness accounts of Encounters with Bigfoot.)


I grew up on the Westside of Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. I lived near ______ Creek near Normandy Blvd. My house was the only house on a dirt road approximately 3/10 of a mile from the nearest hard road.

As I was walking home, early one evening, I heard heavy sounding foot steps on dried leaves in the woods along the dirt road. I stopped, it stopped. I walked, it walked. This happened several times before I hauled ass out of there.

A few years later, my brother, a friend and I, were about to do a little fishing in ______ creek. We took our fishing rods and coolers to the creek and I made a trip back to the car for the tackle boxes. That's when I started hearing those heavy foot steps on the dried leaves, again. At first, I paid it no attention, then when the walking stopped, I looked at where the sound come from and saw this very tall hairy creature looking at me from about75 yards away. I still see him, pushing a tree away from his face with his left hand, and when I hollared for my brother and friend to come "look at this thing," it ran into the woods.

I later told my mother about this. She asked me if I remembered the couple who had parked in the woods (about 1965)that had problem and come to the house. She told me they saw the same thing. My father told me he saw something like that at the end of our property, at the old cattle gap, watching him work in his garden. When he looked up, it ran away.



The witnesses’ daughter, who is a friend of mine, visited me at my home in Monterey, CA When she saw my large collection of Bigfoot artifacts and memorabilia she informed me that her parents had had a clear road-crossing sighting in Shasta County when she was a baby. I encouraged her to have them submit there experience through the BFRO website and let me interview them. She insisted that her father would not discuss the topic, so she’d relay the message to her mother. Fortunately, her mother agreed to be interviewed.

The mother's recollection is as follows: Both her and her husband had dropped their infant daughter with a babysitter and were taking a nightime drive together. Based on the witness's best recollection, this drive took place somewhere just south of Lewiston Lake, on Lewiston Road, off Highway 299.

After driving for only a few miles the witness's husband abruptly slammed on the brakes as they both watched in shock as a large, dark, hair covered biped unhurriedly crossed the road in front of their vehicle. It was moving northwest torward Lewiston Lake and had approached the road from the southeast. That would put its path in line with the Shasta Whiskeytown Dam.

She emphasized in her description that the subject had exaggerated arms. It was extremely dark in color (possibly black). It was between six and seven feet tall, and very large and thick.

Years later when seeing the Patterson footage on TV, the witness got "get the chills," recognizing the characteristic locomotion and unhurried gait of the figure. She could not make out or remember facial characteristics, because she only got a partial view of it as walked across the road.

The other witness, her husband, is a retired police officer. He refuses to discuss or even acknowledge the incident since it happened roughly 24 years ago. He obviously witnessed the same large animal because, his wife says, he "slammed" the car brakes as the subject passed. He then drove forward, but then backed up to where it crossed. He frantically looked around in disbelief.

Even though there was no doubt as to what they both clearly saw that summer evening, he never wanted to discuss it. Over the years she would attempt to discuss the incident with certain friends or house guests, and her husband would abruptly deny the incident or change the subject. She feels his denial has more to do with concerns about his reputation in the law enforcement community, rather than fear of the memory of the incident.

She also shared a story from her childhood about a gentlemen whom is now deceased but who owned several acres of land on Lewiston Lake many years ago. This gentlemen, based on her childhood recollections, was kind and sincere, and he claimed to have seasonal visitations of sasquatches on his property. She now believes his stories may not have been as farfetched as she initially suspected.

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